Magnetic Oil-Gauge
  Magnetic Oil Level Gauges for
Electrical Transformers
Series-13MOG4011 Dial 4” & one Reed switch.
Series-13MOG4013 Dial 4” & one Reed switch.
Series-13MOG4015 Dial 6” & one Reed switch.
  This indicator is suitable for oil filled Pow er Transformers & oil filled tanks.
  Indicator continuously reads level inside the conservator and operates a microswitch when oil level drops near Empty level mark.
  The indicator has aluminium body with built in flange for mounting. To avoid leakage of oil and to avoid entry of contaminated air into tank, a pair of permanent magnets is used separated by a metallic wall. A float is used as sensor & is connected to driving magnet through a bevel gear. The driven magnet is positioned outside in air in main body which carries a pointer and a cam. The pointer is set to read the oil level and the cam is set to operate the switch near Empty level(See Schematic). Switch resets automatically when level of oil is brought to normal. Contacts of switch are brought outside in terminal box with threaded hole for fixing cable gland. The body of indicator with dial and switch is sealed to avoid entry of moist air. Hence switch is not accessible for resetting or servicing.
  Liquid in tank :
  Transformer oil & other oils.
  Working :
  Temp. -30 to 1000 Cent. of oil. Press : 0 to 1 Kg/Cm2 Environment : Indoor or outdoor.
  Mounting :
  To mount the indicator, buyer is required to provide a pad as per Fig. 4. The position can be selected on vertical wall of conservator/tank depending on importance of oil level readings and switching near Empty level.
  Calibration :
  Dial Size : 100 & 150 mm round (nominal) Unit : Any calibration as per Customer’s requirement is possible. Colour : Black marking on white background or any other combination as required. Spread : Max 3000 (See Photograph).
  Float (sensor) and arm :
  Float & Float - Arm are made of brass. Float - Arm is supplied of fixed Length or adjustable length type as per order.
  Margin :
  Leave Min. 65 mm beyond lower & higher limit markings to avoid striking of float to bottom & top of conservator. (See Fig.2)
  Switch :
  Type : Microswitch Contact Rating : See wiring diagram. (Fig. 5)
  Operation : See wiring diagram (Fig. 5)
  Each indicator is tested for : 1. Specified levels. 2. Switch operation 3. HV Test
4. Leakage Test.
A combined test certificate is issued for each batch.
  We provide a Questionnaire for specifying your requirements. However, a drawing is acceptable giving all specifications.
Item Description
1 - Pointer & dial
2 - Reed switch & Magnet
3 - Switch operating cam
4 - Return spring
5 - Gear & Pinion
6 - Float
7 - Driving Magnet
8 - Non-magnetic wall
9 - Follower magnet
Sr. No. Description Material Qty.
1. Crystal Glass 1
2. Float Brass 1
3. Main Body Cast Al. 1
4. Limit Stoppers Al. Rod 2
Sr. No. Description Material Qty.
5. Lever with Gear Brass 1
6. Float Arm Plastic 1
7. Label with Sr. No. Allum. 1
8. Terminals Brass  
Series D
H d kg.
13MOG4011 127 60 60 20 165 6 12 1.1
13MOG4013 127 62 62 20 127 4 12 1.45
13MOG4015 233 51 51 17 210 8 12 2.65
  Note : P=PCD, H=No. of hole
d=hole diya
  1. Indicators of different specifications are not interchangeable. Hence care should be taken while storing Indicators and their Float with Arms. This indicator can be used for vertical or inclined mounting as per order.
  2. Float & Indicator, loose or assembled, should be handled carefully as they cannot be repaired if damaged.
  3. The complaint of damage or demand for spares should be very specific with respect to Sr. No. of indicator. Lot of correspondence and time can be saved just by informing Sr. No. of concerned Indicator.
  4. We continuously review specifications and where appropriate, introduce modifications. We, therefore, reserve the right to change specifications in this catalogue without prior notice.
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